Dental Health and Oral Problems in Dogs

Oral problems and diseases in dogs have risen during the last 10 years. Problems with plaque, tartar and gum inflammation are very common in dogs and are among the most common diseases veterinarians experience. By the age of 3 years old, 80% of dogs have developed some form of periodontal disease. Dental problems and diseases causes a lot of pain to a dog. Oral problems is not just a local problem to the mouth but may cause complication in the full body.

Look out for these symptoms on your dog:

  • It takes a long time for the dog to eat
  • The dog doesn’t chew, he swallows the food directly
  • The teeth has a coating
  • The gums are swollen and red, and sometimes bleeds
  • The dog has a very bad breath

To avoid dental issues, it is important to take care of the oral health. Try to brush your dogs teeth daily, and use a toothpaste that is especially developed for dogs. There are products and diets addressing dental health on the market and those can be used as a complement to teeth brushing.

ProDen PlaqueOff®is an efficient complement for good dental health by its efficient removal of both plaque and tartar and through this it also improves the breath of a dog.

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