Easypill® Cat (10 g) [Autoship]

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Easypill® Cat makes it easier to give your cat pills!

To give your cat pills can sometimes be difficult, with Easypill® it immediately becomes much easier. Easypill® is a palatable device originally developed to ease the administration of pills in pets: the pill is hidden inside a highly palatable paste to be spontaneously eaten like a treat by the pet.

Hide the pill totally in a piece of the product to make a « ball », and put it in the pet’s dish.

(A pack contains 10 grams and lasts up to 10 times of use.)





​Ingredients: Chicken meal, glycerine, monopropylene glycol, glucose syrup, gelatinized starch, pork product, duck fat, sodium chloride
Additives: ​Preservatives and antioxidants
​​Analytical constituents: Protein 30.7%, crude fat 12.8%, crude fiber 1,4% crude ash 8%, moisture 23.8%
​​Use before: See underneath the package
​​Instructions for use: Open the bag and cut off a piece with a knife.
Stop in and hide the tablet completely bitten by rolling a (ball) with your fingers.
Give (the ball) to your cat. Be sure to close the bag after use.
*Store at room temperature

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