Protect your dog from the summer heat

Be aware of summer heat hazards!

The summer is just around the corner, and with sunny days there are also hazards for our furry friend. Dogs don´t sweat like we do, so whether or not you have a dog with long fur or smooth coat, dogs disperse body heat by panting or through the pads of their feet.

When dogs gets to a certain temp, the panting starts. When panting the moisture on their tongue, inside their nose and on the lining of their lungs evaporates. The second purpose of panting is to expand blood vessels in face and ears, enabling the blood to flow closer to the skin, and by that exchange heat from body with outside environment.

Sadly, hundreds of dogs dies from heat related issues every summer. To avoid a painful situation for your dog, you can follow these suggestions for a comfortable summer for your and your friend:

  • Adjust the intensity of the exercise according to the temp
  • On very hot days, limit exercise to early mornings and late evenings
  • When your dog is outside, make sure there is protection from the heat and plenty of fresh, cold water
  • Even humidity can affect your dog, because if it is too high, the respiratory panting element doesn’t work as well. Offer fresh water regularly.