Avoid these cold weather mistakes for your cat!

Cats are natural explorers, and always up for expeditions in their environment. With the cold weather, such as low temperature, pouring rain and even fall of snow, it is important for cat owners to be observant of their cat´s health and general condition.

If your cat´s fur gets wet, dry it with a warm towel or with hairdryer, if possible. The fur can´t trap heat among the hair filters when it is snowy or wet, which can cause hypothermia.

Inspect your cat when she comes home. Look especially at her earths, nose and toes – if it has changed color, it could be frostbite. Wrap her up in a warm towel. Do not rub the frostbiten parts, it can make the damage much worse!

Remove salt and ice from her paws, inspect her toes and the hair between her footpads.

Brush her fur daily, to distribute the natural oils that keeps the fur shiny and fend of rain. If the cat is of a breed with long hair, be extra careful with the fur on her belly, the hair can be filled with lumps of snow which is very uncomfortable.

It lays in the cats natural behavior to hide their symptoms. Be observant to change in behavior, slow moving or non-responsive performance. Contact your veterinarian if you suspect that your cat suffers from hypothermia.

A cat can be dehydrated in winter as well as in summer. Make sure your cat has access to plenty of fresh water.

Take care of dry skin, and add Omega-3 to help the skin and coat to be healthy.